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Do you have no previous knowledge and want to learn German from the very beginning? Then our German course for beginners is just right for you! With german studios Cologne, you will quickly learn to practically apply your new language skills in daily life. German courses for beginners are marked by level A1.1.

The Various Course Options for Your German Course for Beginners:

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All Information About the German Course for Beginners at german studios Cologne

If you have just arrived in Germany and are not yet familiar with the German language, even the simplest activities such as taking a bus or the subway can be challenging. With our German courses for beginners, you will quickly and effectively learn to formulate your thoughts in German and express yourself correctly. We are always here to support you and assist with any questions or uncertainties! We, the entire german studios team, have learned foreign languages ourselves and believe that language learning brings great joy and benefits and is also a lot of fun. We do our best to convey this joy to you and help you quickly master even difficult grammatical structures and apply them in practice.

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The german studios Method

In our German courses for beginners, you will benefit from the german studios method. Even when you have mastered many grammatical structures and have an extensive vocabulary, speaking the language fluently is not always easy. We have received feedback from many participants that they used to be afraid to apply German in practice. They were so concerned about making a mistake that they decided not to speak at all. Since the learned words were not regularly applied, they were quickly forgotten. Our german studios method is designed to ensure that as a beginner, you don't just learn from a book but effectively and practically practice your newly acquired knowledge. The german studios course concept is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). With interactive exercises and communication-oriented tasks, you learn from the very beginning to apply your learned knowledge. This way, you overcome the fear of the new language and successfully improve your language skills. Our teachers also place a high value on creating a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere in class, so that everyone feels secure and motivated while learning.

In addition to the course books, which serve as a guiding thread for the fundamental topics of the course, we use a lot of additional material. All german studios teachers, as experts in teaching beginners, lay the best possible foundation for your further language development.

Learn in Small Groups and in an Open and Cozy Atmosphere

We place great importance on making sure you don't feel like you're in a sterile learning institute but rather relaxed and comfortable, like in a cozy living room. Our class sizes range from 4 to a maximum of 14 participants, and we always ensure that this limit is not exceeded. Especially in the beginning, it is very important that you receive adequate attention and support from your teacher.

Choose the Course Type and Time Slot That Suits You Best

Whether you want to learn in the morning, afternoon, or evening, at german studios Cologne, you will always find a suitable course. If you have a bit more time to invest, our Intensive German Courses and Super-Intensive German Courses are the best options for you, as they allow you to master German as fast as possible. Our Intensive Courses are available from Monday to Thursday at four different times: 9:00 AM – 11:45 AM, 12:00 PM – 2:45 PM, 3:00 PM – 5:45 PM, or 6:00 PM – 8:45 PM. Here, you can complete the beginner level A1.1 in just four weeks. In addition to the Intensive Course, our Super-Intensive German Courses also include a German Conversation Course, which takes place every Friday from 10:00 AM to 12:45 PM.

If you are employed or a student and can only attend beginner German courses in the evenings, take a look at our Evening German Courses (Semi-Intensive German Courses). These courses are held either on Mondays and Wednesdays or on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM or from 7:45 PM – 9:15 PM.

Have you missed the course start? Do you want to enroll in a course but are worried about not being able to catch up on missed material? Don't worry! Every month, we offer Compact German Courses for beginners, where you can complete level A1.1 in just 3 weeks instead of 4, without missing out on course content. These courses always start one week after the actual course start date.

Many More german studios Benefits

At german studios Cologne, we highly value making your German learning experience enjoyable. That's why we regularly organize interesting and exciting events for our participants. This gives you the opportunity not only to meet new people and make friends but also to practice your newly acquired German skills with other students outside of the Beginner German course.

Have you missed a few class days? Don't worry! Our Live Online-Tutoring is our free service that provides you with the opportunity to speak with a teacher outside of your class time. It's a chance to clarify your questions about difficult grammar topics or homework you're unsure about.

german studios Cologne is located in the heart of Cologne. Thanks to our proximity to the main train station, you can easily and quickly reach us, regardless of which district of Cologne you live in. Additionally, we are conveniently connected to the surrounding areas of Cologne.

Take a look here at the additional benefits of german studios Cologne.

Frequently Asked Questions About the German Course for Beginners

How long will it take me to start speaking German? How long does it take to become proficient in the German language? How quickly you progress in German depends on many factors, such as whether you have learned one or more foreign languages in the past, and how much time you invest in learning. Your motivation, of course, also plays a significant role. You establish the foundation for your language skills during the A-levels (A1 and A2). After completing the A-levels of the Beginner German course, you will already be able to handle yourself well in familiar everyday situations. After completing the B-levels, you will be able to converse spontaneously and effortlessly with native speakers, as well as understand extensive and challenging texts without major problems. Once you have completed level C1, you will speak almost like a native speaker and can even apply to German universities.

Intensive courses:

Intensive Courses Level

Evening courses:

Evening Courses Level

What does A1.1+ mean? The "+" sign after the level designation indicates that this is the second part of the level (i.e., A1.1+ is the second part of the A1.1 level). This means that you can complete the entire A1.1 level in two months. If you have no prior knowledge of the German language, A1.1+ may be too advanced for you. Start with the A1.1 level instead. If you want to learn more intensively and complete A1.1 in just one month, take a look at our Intensive German Courses for Beginners.

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Do you still have questions? You can find our prices here, the start and end times of the beginner German courses in our course schedule here. If you still have questions, check out our helpful FAQ section, where you'll find answers to frequently asked questions. If your question isn't there, simply send us a message. We are always happy to assist you!

Ready to register? Sign up for your Beginner German course using our course configurator below. Alternatively, you are welcome to come by and register with us at the school. We look forward to welcoming you to german studios Cologne!

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What type of course suits you?:

German intensive courses More information
  •   4 times a week, Monday-Thursday
  •   starting at 9:00, 12:00, 15:00 and 18:00
  •   15 lesson units a week
German evening courses More information
  •   twice a week, 90 minutes per lesson
  •   starting at 18:00 or 19:45
  •   4 lesson units a week
German super-intensive courses More information
  •   Mon to Thu (physical), Fri (online, 10 AM)
  •   From 9 AM, 12, 3 and 6 PM
  •   18 lessons/week (for language visa)
German conversation courses More information
  •   once a week, Fridays
  •   3,5 lesson units a week
German private lessons More information
  •   Customizable lessons planning
  •   10-lesson bundle at a discount
  •   Also suitable for exam preparation
German exam preparation course More information
  •   Prepare for a telc exam
  •   Teachers with specialised training
  •   For various exams
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