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All german studios Cologne group courses are based on the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), ranging from beginner level A1 to advanced level C1. These levels describe the knowledge and language skills a person should possess at each level. We are happy to assist you in achieving your desired language level within this framework.

If you're unsure about which level suits you best, don't worry! Take our free placement test here. Depending on your prior knowledge, the test takes a maximum of 30 minutes and helps guide you in selecting the appropriate language course. If you're still uncertain, we're more than willing to arrange a free placement interview with one of our teachers for you.

Level Sequence

You might be wondering what the letters A, B, and C represent. It's quite simple: they serve to classify your language level. In general terms, A stands for beginner level, B for intermediate level, and C for advanced level, with the transitions being gradual. Within our intensive courses or super-intensive courses, evening courses, and private lessons, we further divide each of these levels into sub-levels. For example, level A1 consists of sub-levels A1.1 and A1.2.

For a clear overview of the level sequence, please refer to the graphic below. The course progression depends on the number of lessons per week. In the intensive course with four sessions per week, you'll learn German much faster than in the evening course with only two sessions per week.

Intensive courses:

Intensive course Level

Evening courses:

Evening course Level

The Content of Your german studios Courses in Cologne

It is not easy to assess your own language level. That's why german studios Cologne offers you a free online placement test. You can also use the following overview to personally assess your language level:

The Content of Your Evening Course at german studios Cologne

Our placement test provides a good initial assessment of which level suits you best. The graphic below also gives you a good overview of the topics covered at each level.

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