Dates and Fees

Everything You Need to Know About Your telc Exam Cologne:

On this page, we have compiled a detailed overview of telc prices and telc dates for you.

You can register for a telc exam Cologne until Thursday, 1:00 PM, two weeks before your desired telc exam date. Registration after this deadline may still be possible, but in such cases, a late registration fee of 30 EUR will apply.

You can conveniently register online through our course configurator or at our school. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email.

Dates of telc exams

A1, C1
B1 & B2
C1 Hoch­schule
19.07.2024 (Friday)
20.07.2024 (Saturday)
09.08.2024 (Friday)
10.08.2024 (Saturday)
23.08.2024 (Friday)
06.09.2024 (Friday)
07.09.2024 (Saturday)
20.09.2024 (Friday)
04.10.2024 (Friday)
05.10.2024 (Saturday)
18.10.2024 (Friday)
08.11.2024 (Friday)
09.11.2024 (Saturday)
15.11.2024 (Friday)
29.11.2024 (Friday)
30.11.2024 (Saturday)
13.12.2024 (Friday)
20.12.2024 (Friday)

Exam fees

telc A1
159 €
telc B1
199 €
telc B2
199 €
telc B1/B2 Partial examination (only written or only oral part)
179 €
telc C1
219 €
telc C1 Hochschule
219 €
telc C1 Partial examination (only written or only oral part)
199 €
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