Here's How to Apply for Your Language Visa

Have you always wanted to come to Germany? The visa experts at german studios Cologne will make your dream come true! Because, for a successful language visa for Germany, one thing is crucial - good preparation. You can also find many more useful pieces of information on the topic at Welcome Hub Germany.

Simply book one of our Super-Intensive German courses, and you'll automatically receive the following services:

Official confirmation of your German course registration
Once you've paid for your course and registration fee, you'll receive an official confirmation letter for your visa application within three business days.
Practical tips for your visa application
With german studios Cologne, the visa application process becomes much easier!
Assistance with additional visa requirements
We'll support you in choosing health insurance, opening a blocked account, and much more!
Help with finding accommodation
You'll receive many practical tips for your change of residence from us. We also offer free orientation workshops to help you settle down in Germany.

Here, we introduce three different types of visas. Find out which visa suits you best. If you select your nationality from the dropdown menu below, you can learn more about the additional visa requirements.

Select your nationality here and learn more about your visa application.

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